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A Consuming Fire (Paperback)

A Consuming Fire (Paperback)

Laura E. Weymouth - Engels - Paperback

Uprooted meets The Grace Year in this dark young adult fantasy of love and vengeance set in an alternate historical Britain, following a girl who vows to kill a god after her sister is unjustly slain by his handWeatherell girls aren’t supposed to die. Once every eighteen years, the isolated forest village of Weatherell is asked to send one girl to the god of the mountain to give a sacrifice before returning home. Twins Anya and Ilva Astraea are raised with this destiny in mind, and when their time comes, spirited Ilva volunteers to go.

Her devoted sister Anya is left at home to pray for Ilva’s safe return. But Anya’s prayers are denied. With her sister dead, Anya volunteers to make a journey of her own to visit the god of the mountain.

But unlike her sister, sacrifice is the furthest thing from Anya’s mind. Anya has no intention of giving anything more to the god, or of letting any other girl do so ever again. Anya Astraea has not set out to placate a god.

She’s set out to kill one.


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Over de auteur van A Consuming Fire (Paperback)

Laura Weymouth is a Canadian living in America, and the sixth consecutive generation of her family to immigrate from one country to another. Born and raised in the Niagara region of Ontario, she now lives at the edge of the woods in western New York along with her husband, two wild-hearted daughters, an unruly garden, and a menagerie of animal friends.

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