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A Poisoner’s Tale

A Poisoner’s Tale

Cathryn Kemp - Engels - Hardback

In 17th-century Rome, men are falling like flies and nobody knows why…Hidden within the alleys and shadows of the Eternal City lies a criminal magical underworld of witches, sorceresses and a mysterious circle of female poisoners working under the guise of a cosmetics shop.Since her childhood in Palermo, Giulia has dedicated her life to helping the broken and abused – the wives, daughters, and mistresses of Italy. She is known to be many things – healer, midwife, abortionist and poisoner. It only takes a few drops of an undetectable lethal poison to murder each of Giulia’s victims, which come to number a thousand men.Pope Alessandro VII is determined to rid the city of witches and heretics, including this circle of murderous poisoners. But what great lengths will he go to stop these cunning women?


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Over de auteur van A Poisoner’s Tale

Cathryn is a Sunday Times bestselling ghostwriter and journalist, with a prolific career writing celebrity, inspirational, true crime, addiction and nostalgia titles.
A Poisoner’s Tale, published by Transworld/Penguin Random House on July 11th, 2024, is her first foray into historical fiction.
When not writing, Cathryn can be found braving the waves off the south coast or restoring her glorious Victorian wreck with her son Leonardo and cat Gingey.

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