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A Season for Scandal

A Season for Scandal

Laura Wood - Engels - Paperback

An all-female detective agency righting wrongs at the end of the nineteenth century; infiltrating a scandalous upper class world straight out of Bridgerton and using their wit and bravery to unmask a villain.

When Marigold Bloom finds her family business in trouble a chance encounter with the devastatingly handsome and extremely bad-tempered Oliver Lockhart leads her to the Aviary – a secret agency of women who specialise in blackmailing troublesome men. Soon, Mari is the agency’s newest recruit, sent to investigate the mysterious return of Oliver’s long lost sister. Forced to masquerade as a newly engaged couple, it is up to Mari and Oliver to determine if there is an imposter in their midst. But what happens when the line between truth and fiction starts to blur? And what do you do when a pretend romance starts to feel all too real?


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Over de auteur van A Season for Scandal

Laura Wood is een bestsellerauteur wiens eerste roman in 2014 de Montegrappa Scholastic Prize for New Children’s Writing won. Ze schrijft voornamelijk voor kinderen en jonge volwassenen. Ze heeft ook een doctoraat in de negentiende-eeuwse literatuur van de Universiteit van Warwick.

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