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A Storybook Wedding

A Storybook Wedding

K.J. Micciche - Engels - Paperback

Watch out for karaoke mishaps that result in a fake engagement…because weddings are forever…

When librarian Cecily Jane Allerton and hotshot struggling author Nate Ellis are caught in a compromising position during their MFA program, they decide to get married to keep the haters from destroying their careers. To the horror of Cecily’s family – who are all *huge* fans of big white weddings, they elope to City Hall. Now they’re back on Block Island, pretending to be a real married couple, and finding that however fake the relationship may be, the mutual attraction is all too real. With Cecily vying for a literary award, Nate striving to get past his writer’s block, and plans to annul the marriage after the MFA program ends, what could possibly go wrong?


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