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All These Bodies

All These Bodies

Kendare Blake - Engels - Paperback

For months, a gruesome killer has been plaguing the Midwest. The murderer’s calling card? The bodies they leave behind are completely drained of blood. Aspiring journalist Michael Jensen, desperate to escape his small-town life, can hardly believe it when the Bloodless Murders come to sleepy Black Deer Falls, Minnesota.

Or that his father, the sheriff, located the only suspect: fifteen-year-old Marie Catherine Hale. Tiny Marie doesn’t look capable of committing the grisly, inhumane attacks that are gripping the nation. At least, not on her own.

With Marie refusing to talk to anyone but Michael, he agrees to tell her side of the story. But how can Michael trust Marie’s confession when it calls into question everything he’s ever known . .

. when falling for her lies, may cost him his life?All These Bodies by Kendare Blake is the bone-chilling supernatural thriller for older readers, perfect for fans of Rory Powers.


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Over de auteur van All These Bodies

Kendare Blake is een Amerikaanse auteur. Ze woont en schrijft in Gig Harbor, Washington, met haar man, hun kattenzoon Tyrion Cattister, de rode Doberman-hondzoon Obi-Dog Kenobi, de rottiemix-hondendochter Agent Scully en de naakte Sphynx-kattenzoon Oksel McGee.

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