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Bad Graces

Bad Graces

Kyrie McCauley - Engels - Hardback

Yellowjackets meets House of Hollow in award-winning author Kyrie McCauley’s gripping and magical YA thriller following a group of young women as they face the stress of harsh elements, a mysterious monster, and an unraveling of secrets after their yacht is wrecked off the coast of North America.

Liv Whitlock knows she doesn’t belong there. But after years of stumbling between foster homes, often due to her own self-destructive tendencies, Liv desperately needs to change the trajectory of her life … so she steals her perfect sister’s identity.

Liv starts to rewrite her story, winning a prestigious internship on a movie set filming in Alaska, and finds herself on a luxury yacht alongside pop star Paris Grace, actress sisters Effie and Miri Knight, Olympic gymnast Rosalind Torres, and social media influencer Celia Jones. Liv tries to find common ground with her famous companions, but just as the group starts to bond, a violent storm wrecks their vessel, stranding them on an island in the North Pacific Ocean.

Among the threats of starvation and exposure, they learn there is a predator lurking in the forest, unlike anything they’ve seen before—until they begin to see it in themselves. Every injury they suffer on the island causes inexplicable changes in their bodies. With little hope for rescue and only each other as their final tether to humanity, can the girls endure the ominous forces at work on the island? Or will they lose themselves to their darker natures?


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Over de auteur van Bad Graces

Kyrie McCauley bracht haar jeugd door met in bomen klimmen in jurken en boeken lezen tijdens de les. Zij is de auteur van If These Wings Could Fly, ontvanger van de William C. Morris Award 2021.

Kyrie heeft een Master of Science in Social Policy van de University of Pennsylvania en heeft gewerkt op het gebied van belangenbehartiging en ontwikkeling voor non-profitorganisaties. Ze woont in de buurt van Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, met haar gezin, drie reddingskatten en een hond die boeken eet en nooit spijt heeft.

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