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Bad Influence

Bad Influence

Tamsin Winter - Engels - Paperback

A powerfully real and funny new story from the rising queen of teen, about first kisses, learning to be true to yourself and how one click can last for ever… Amelia Bright wants to be the best at everything. But when it comes to popularity, she is dead last. No matter what she tries, she can’t shake her reputation as a maggoty nobody. When she meets cute new boy Evan, Amelia wonders if he can help her lose her loser status. And in a moment of hope, she agrees to something she quickly regrets – something that goes viral at school. Now she’s not just called “maggot”, she’s a “bad influence” – and worse. But Amelia’s determined not to let one mistake define her…she’s so much more than the image everyone sees online.


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Over de auteur van Bad Influence

Tamsin Winter grew up in a tiny Northamptonshire village where she spent her childhood reading books and writing stories. She studied English Literature and Creative Writing at university, and has taught English at secondary level for many years.

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