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Black Leopard, Red Wolf

Black Leopard, Red Wolf

Marlon James - Engels - Paperback

THE SUNDAY TIMES NO.1 BESTSELLER Escape into a world of magic and danger with THE DARK STAR TRILOGY. Drawing on a rich tradition of African mythology, fantasy and history, this is the story of a lost child, an extraordinary hunter, and a mystery with many answers . . . *Perfect for fans of Pratchett, George R. R.

Martin and Octavia Butler* ‘The kind of novel I never realized I was missing until I read it. A dangerous, hallucinatory, ancient Africa, which becomes a fantasy world as well-realized as anything Tolkien made’ Neil Gaiman


***** Tracker is a hunter. Known throughout the thirteen kingdoms as one who has a nose, he always works alone. But he breaks his own rule when, hired to find a lost child, he finds himself part of a group of hunters, each stranger and more dangerous than the last. As the mismatched gang follow the boy’s scent from perfumed citadels to enchanted darklands, Tracker starts to wonder: Who really is this mysterious boy? Why do so many people want to stop him from being found? And, most important of all, who is telling the truth and who is lying? Marlon James weaves a breathtaking tapestry – at once ancient and startlingly modern – exploring the fundamentals of truth, limits of power, excesses of ambition, and our need to understand them all. Chronicling the same events but telling a very different story – who will you believe? Read THE DARK STAR TRILOGY in any order! Book two, MOON WITCH, SPIDER KING, is available to pre-order now. *****

‘Complex, lyrical, moving and furiously gripping . . .

This new book will propel James into a new galaxy of literary stardom’ Observer’A game-changing modern fantasy classic’ Financial Times ‘James has thrown African cultures, mythologies, religions, histories, world-views and topographies into the mighty cauldron of his imagination to create a work of literary magic’ New Statesman


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Over de auteur van Black Leopard, Red Wolf

Marlon James (Kingston, 24 november 1970) is een Jamaicaanse schrijver. In 2015 won hij de Man Booker Prize met zijn boek A Brief History of Seven Killings, in het Nederlands vertaald als Een beknopte geschiedenis van zeven moorden. Hij werkt in de Verenigde Staten.

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