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Compass and Blade Special Edition

Compass and Blade Special Edition

Rachel Greenlaw - Engels - Hardback

his world of sea and storm runs deep with bargains and blood.

On the remote isle of Rosevear, Mira, like her mother before her, is a wrecker, one of the seven on the rope who swim out to shipwrecks to plunder them. Mira’s job is to rescue survivors, if there are any. After all, she never feels the cold of the frigid ocean waters and the waves seem to sing to her soul. But the people of Rosevear never admit the truth: that they set the beacons themselves to lure ships into the rocks.

When the Council watch lays a trap to put an end to the wrecking, they arrest Mira’s father. Desperate to save him from the noose, Mira strikes a deal with an enigmatic wreck survivor guarding layers of secrets behind his captivating eyes, and sets off to find something her mother has left her, a family secret buried deep in the sea.

With just nine days to find what she needs to rescue her father, all Mira knows for certain is this: The sea gives. The sea takes. And it’s up to her to do what she must to save the ones she loves.


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Over de auteur van Compass and Blade Special Edition

Rachel Greenlaw is the author of ONE CHRISTMAS MORNING, THE WOODSMOKE WOMEN’S BOOK OF SPELLS and the COMPASS AND BLADE series. She lives on an island in the middle of the Atlantic, where you’ll find her wandering the white sand beaches, searching for cowrie shells and writing her next story.

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