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Curious Tides

Curious Tides

Pascale Lacelle - Engels - Hardback

Pitched as a YA Ninth House meets The Starless Sea, this crossover dark academia fantasy follows a young mage who believes her secrets drowned along with several of her classmates—until their not-quite corpses start washing ashore. With the help of a reclusive student, she must uncover the truth behind the drownings—and the secret society linked to them—before the sinister magic that claimed her classmates claims her next.


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Over de auteur van Curious Tides

Pascale Lacelle is a French-Canadian writer from Ottawa, Ontario. A longtime devourer of books, she started writing her own at the age of 13 and quickly became enthralled by the magic of words. After earning her bachelor’s degree in French Literature, she realized the English language is where her literary heart lies (but please don’t tell any of her French professors that). When not lost in stories, she’s most likely daydreaming about food and travel, playing with her dog Roscoe, or trying to curate the perfect playlist for every mood.

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