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Curse of the Thorn King

Curse of the Thorn King

Lisette Marshall - Engels - Paperback

Killing a fae king is hard. Doing so politely is even harder.

Briannis Iavi – well-bred lady and accidental assassin – is so close to securing the life of her dreams. All she needs to do is complete one last make her way into fae territory, sneak into the enchanted halls of Rosethorn Keep, and kill the king of Faerie.

But her plan goes disastrously wrong, and Briannis finds herself a captive at her target’s mercy instead.

Cursed to a life of loneliness and slow decay, the monstrous fae king seems hell-bent on revenge – and if he can’t hurt the human rulers who sent her, he’ll amuse himself with her instead. Unable to escape his sentient castle or to disobey his commands, Briannis has no choice but to fall back on her sharpest weapon: her wits.

Tricking fae is a dangerous game, however. And miles away from the respectable life she thought she knew, even her knives and poisons may not be enough to protect her heart …

Bridgerton meets The Cruel Prince in this steamy Beauty and the Beast retelling. Featuring a tormented hero, an almost-proper heroine, and a castle that’s just trying to help, Curse of the Thorn King is the first in a series of standalone fantasy romances with an overarching plot. Intended for a mature audience.


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Over de auteur van Curse of the Thorn King

Lisette Marshall is a librarian by day and a writer of steamy fantasy romance by night. She combines a lifelong love for fairytales, mystery novels and sexy adventures in her books.

When Lisette isn’t dreaming about gorgeous heroes and sensual heroines, she can usually be found reading about weird history, plotting unrealistic fictional murders or baking way too many chocolate cookies for herself and her boyfriend.

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