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Darker by Four

Darker by Four

June C.L. Tan - Engels - Hardback

June CL Tan’s DARKER BY FOUR, pitched as The Shadowhunter Chronicles meets the Chinese underworld, where an Exorcist-in-training makes a deal with a trickster death god to regain the magic she lost — and save the life of the boy who stole it.


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Over de auteur van Darker by Four

June CL Tan is the author of the bestselling Jade Fire Gold and the forthcoming Darker By Four duology (winter 2024, HarperCollins). A Singaporean raised on a diet of teh tarik, classic books, and wuxia movies, she enjoys telling stories that draw on both the traditional and modern to create something fresh to the eye, but familiar to the heart. June now resides in New York City, writing under the eye of her crafty cat.


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