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Doves & Demons

Doves & Demons

Clio Evans - Engels - Paperback

Welcome to London, where the roaring twenties are filled with fangs and freaks.
When Irene is kidnapped by a gang of monsters, she is shoved straight into a world of magic and murder.

A Mothman. An Unseelie. A Demonic Plague Doctor.

The Freaks are a terrifying group ready to wreak havoc on the world that destroyed their humanity. But as these creatures drag Irene into the dark— they crave her soul, mind, and body.

The longer these four are together, the faster they fall into a terrifying type of love.

Will the demons take the wings from their caged dove, or will they set her free before their world devours her?

Doves & Demons is the first book in the Freaks of Nature Duet and will be a complete story for the characters. This is a very spicy and dark Why Choose steampunk Monster romance.


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