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Four Eids and a Funeral

Four Eids and a Funeral

Adiba Jaigirdar, Faridah Abike-Iyimide - Engels - Paperback

Let’s get one thing straight: this is a love story.

Said Hossain hates Tiwa Olatunji. And Tiwa would happily never see Said again in her life. Growing up, the two were inseparable, but they have barely spoken since the incident many Eids ago and both of them would like to keep it that way. But when Said comes home for a funeral and the town’s Islamic Centre burns down on the same day, they have to face each other again and sparks fly.

Both of them want to see the Islamic Centre rebuilt. For Tiwa, it represents the community that she loves and a way to keep her fractured family together. For Said, it’s an opportunity to build his portfolio for his secret application to art school, where he hopes that he’ll be able to pursue his dreams of becoming an artist, rather than a doctor.
Working with your sworn enemy is never easy, and this could be the hardest thing that Said and Tiwa have ever done. But in trying to save the Islamic Centre and Eid, could these enemies become something else…?


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Over de auteur van Four Eids and a Funeral

Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé is een Britse Nigeriaanse schrijver, woonachtig in Londen. Ze is vooral bekend van haar debuutroman, de thriller Ace of Spades voor jonge volwassenen.

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