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Gorgeous Gruesome Faces

Gorgeous Gruesome Faces

Linda Cheng - Engels - Paperback

After a shocking career-ending scandal, eighteen-year-old Sunny Lee spends her days longing for her former popstar life and cyberstalking ex-groupmate Candie. They were inseparable – before leaving tragedy and heartache in their wake. Now Candie is chasing stardom in a new K-pop competition, and Sunny can’t resist joining her. Finally, they can confront their past, like what happened that horrible night their third groupmate jumped to her death. And whether the dark, otherworldly secrets they keep had something to do with it . . .
But when Sunny is haunted by terrifying visions, gory injuries start happening to competitors – followed by even stranger mutilations. It’s a race to survive the deadly carnage in this spellbinding sapphic thriller that will have you screaming and swooning for more.


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Over de auteur van Gorgeous Gruesome Faces

Linda Cheng was born in Taiwan and spent her childhood moving between cultures and continents. She received her BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and worked as an art director across South Carolina and Georgia where she developed a deep love for sweet tea, grits, and Southern Gothic stories. She currently resides in Vancouver, Canada with her family.

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