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Holly Horror

Holly Horror

Michelle Jabes Corpora - Engels - Hardback

A beloved classic reimagined with a dark twist.

After her parents’ painful divorce, Evie Archer hopes that moving to Ravenglass, Massachusetts, is the fresh start that her family needs. But Evie quickly realizes that her new home—known by locals as the Horror House—carries its own dark past after learning about Holly Hobbie, who mysteriously vanished in her bedroom one night.

But traces of Holly linger in the Horror House and slowly begin to take over Evie’s life. A strange shadow follows her everywhere she goes, and Evie starts to lose sight of what’s real and what isn’t the more she learns about The Lost Girl.

Can Evie find out what happened the night of Holly’s disappearance? Or is history doomed to repeat itself in the Horror House?


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Over de auteur van Holly Horror

Michelle Jabès Corpora is an American author who has ghostwritten five novels in a world famous, bestselling mystery series. She is also the author of American Horse Tales: The Dust Bowl (Penguin Workshop). She spends her time learning about history, working on political campaigns, and practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Michelle lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, a pair of long-haired guinea pigs, and a calico cat.

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