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House of Yesterday

House of Yesterday

Deeba Zargarpur - Engels - Paperback

Sixteen-year-old Sara is reeling from her parents’ impending divorce when she first stumbles upon a haunting apparition of her grandmother in a house her family is renovating. Except her grandmother is still alive, though as her beloved Bibi Jan’s dementia progresses, it feels that she is less present with each day. As Sara desperately clings to the living memories in the house, her huge Afghan-Uzbek family’s secrets and her grandmother’s complicated history begin to rise to the surface.

But she knows she’ll have to face the present eventually, no matter how much it hurts to leave her grandmother’s younger self behind – that is, if the house lets her leave at all.


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Over de auteur van House of Yesterday

DEEBA ZARGARPUR is an Afghan-Uzbek American. She credits her love of literature across various languages to her immigrant parents, whose eerie tales haunted her well into the night.

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