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I’ve Got My Mind Set On Brew

I’ve Got My Mind Set On Brew

Stephanie Jayne - Engels - Paperback

A down-on-her-luck craft beer brewer and her privileged new boss clash as they work together to save a quirky brewpub in this enemies-to-lovers workplace romcom, perfect for fans of Rachel Lynn Solomon’s The Ex Talk.

Kat Malone is left cash-strapped after a job loss and a bad breakup (pro never offer to pay living expenses for a freeloading poetry major) when she discovers a surprising new career craft beer brewer.

When the brewpub is sold, the new owner places his light-on-experience son in charge of the pub. Ryan is as basic as a pale lager and aims to turn quirky Resistance into a run-of-the-mill sports bar. Worse, he won’t consider Kat for the position of brewer’s assistant—the job she’d been promised by the previous owners.

Despite clashes between Kat and Ryan, he confides that Resistance is in financial trouble and that drastic changes will be needed if the pub has any hope of survival. Forced to collaborate, Kat realizes Ryan isn’t as bland as she assumed—he might even be exactly what she’s been craving.

But just as Ryan promises Kat a true partnership in the face of his father’s opposition, Kat is offered the opportunity of a lifetime. “Marrying the beer” used to be Kat’s only goal, but can she craft a brew for her life that allows her to have it all?

Fans of Kate Clayborn and Ali Hazelwood will be raising a pint to this crisp, satisfying romance.


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