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Love and Other Wicked Things

Love and Other Wicked Things

Philline Harms - Engels - Paperback

Sometimes love is the strongest magic of all

Nineteen-year-old Rhia Greenbrook has lived in the sleepy town of Oakriver in a house with three generations of witches her entire life. Rhia draws her magic from the earth and likes to spend her time amongst plants and nature. Her practice is gentle, sacred, and―per her family’s tradition―secret.

New-to-town witch Valerie Morgan is looking for answers about her mother’s disappearance from Oakriver seventeen years ago. Without her mother’s guidance, Valerie has cultivated her fire magic on her own and she makes no effort to keep her powers hidden. Although Rhia is immediately annoyed by Valerie’s blatant use of magic, she can’t deny the instant magnetism between them.

But amidst their magical connection, a dark presence looms over Oakriver. Unsettling visions from Rhia’s grandmother and dangerous sleepwalking episodes throw into question Valerie’s past and what role her presence plays in the strange happenings. And as Valerie gets tangled up further into the darkness, it’s up to Rhia to tap into the full potential of her power in order to save the town she loves and the girl she’s fallen for.


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Over de auteur van Love and Other Wicked Things

Philline Harms is a writer of queer contemporary YA romances. When she’s not working on a novel, she can be found analysing her friends’ birth charts, drinking her body weight in tea, or crafting obscurely specific Spotify playlists—sometimes simultaneously. Living in Germany, she is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

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