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Need Your Midnights

Need Your Midnights

Mariah Goodwin - Engels - Paperback

Blake Stuntz, pro hockey player, has been having the time of his life being single. So when he announces at dinner with friends he is ready to settle down, it rocks Lucy’s world, his best friend he misses like crazy who has given him the cold shoulder for years.

Lucy Campbell, ER nurse, had her heart broken by her best friend Blake when they drunkenly hooked up and he went on like it never happened. After he drops that news at dinner, she impulsively jumps into a relationship to prove a point. How long can Lucy pretend with Wyatt before her feelings for Blake shine through?

When their friend group takes a trip together Blake tells Lucy “I am sorry for being an idiot and treating you like you weren’t… aren’t one of the most important people in my life.”

After the trip, at the weekly family dinner, tension rises as Wyatt pieces together who Lucy has lingering feelings for, and that he is sitting right at the table with them.

Will these two ever find a way back to each other? Or does the bad blood run too deep?
Read Need Your Midnights to find out.


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Over de auteur van Need Your Midnights

Mariah Goodwin is a wife, mom, and nurse in Tampa, FL. Who loves Taylor Swift, Coffee, and Romance novels! She is excited to get the many stories out of her head and onto paper for the world to read!


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