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Never a Hero

Never a Hero

Vanessa Len - Engels - Hardback

This sequel to the contemporary fantasy Only a Monster will take Joan deeper into the monster world, where treacherous secrets and even more danger await.

Despite all of the odds, Joan achieved the impossible. She reset the timeline, saved her family – and destroyed the hero, Nick.

But her success has come at a terrible cost.

She alone remembers what happened. Now, Aaron, her hard-won friend – and maybe more – is an enemy, trying to kill her. And Nick, the boy she loved, is a stranger who doesn’t even know her name. Only Joan remembers that there is a ruthless and dangerous enemy still out there.

When a deadly attack forces Joan back into the monster world as a fugitive, she finds herself on the run with Nick – as Aaron closes in.

As the danger rises – and Nick gets perilously closer to discovering the truth of what Joan did to him – Joan discovers a secret of her own. One that threatens everyone she loves.

Torn between love and family and monstrous choices, Joan must find a way to re-gather her old allies to face down the deadliest of enemies, and to save the timeline itself.

Vanessa Len’s stunning Only a Monster trilogy continues with this second instalment, a thrilling journey where a secret past threatens to unravel everyone’s future.


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Over de auteur van Never a Hero

Vanessa Len is een Australische auteur van Chinees-Maleisische en Maltese afkomst. Als educatief redacteur heeft ze aan alles gewerkt, van taalleerprogramma’s tot STEM-bronnen tot professioneel leren voor leraren. Vanessa is afgestudeerd aan de Clarion Workshop in San Diego en woont in Melbourne.

Extra details: Never a Hero

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