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Never Date A Roommate

Never Date A Roommate

Paula Ottoni - Engels - Paperback

Celebrated Brazilian author Paula Ottoni makes her English-language adult romance debut with a hilarious, heartwarming romance about finding happiness in unexpected places—maybe even in your very own apartment…

To find true happiness, they’ll have to fake it first.

Sol Carvalho desperately wants to get ahead in her career—and where better to do that than Copenhagen, the happiest city on earth? But there’s more to this place than cozy sweaters and hot cocoa; there’s a rich, vibrant culture the Brazilian game developer is eager to drink in. Especially since her boss wants to hand a promotion to someone who’s ready to put down roots in Denmark—which means having a steady place to live and an even steadier significant other. And Sol, unfortunately, has neither.

Unless she can convince Viking look-alike Erik Storm to be her roommate…and maybe even her fake boyfriend?

But Erik lost everything the last time he got involved with a roommate, including his job and the app he’d developed. Convincing him to take a risk on her is a big ask, but Sol is up for the challenge. As long as she can ignore how he fills a room with that broad chest and somehow makes stoic brooding look sexy.

Instead, she’ll win him over with the end her promotion will bring down their mutual tech nemesis. Before long, though, the lines between what’s fake and what’s real blur. And when their ruse reaches its boiling point, they’ll both have to Should they trust their hearts to a roommate this time?


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Over de auteur van Never Date A Roommate

Paula Ottoni was born and raised in Brazil and moved to Denmark in 2016. Today she is married to a Dane and has two children. She completed a master’s in video game design at the IT University of Copenhagen and works as a game writer and narrative designer. She is learning to be a Viking, but winter swimming remains a locked achievement.

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