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Now She is Witch

Now She is Witch

Kirsty Logan - Engels - Hardback

She dug her mother’s grave in the poison garden so it would stay hidden…

From the snowy winter woods to the bright midnight sun; from lost and powerless to finding your path, Now She is Witch conjures a world of violence and beauty – a world where women grasp at power through witchcraft, sexuality and performance, and most of all through throwing each other to the wolves.

Lux has lost everything when Else finds her, alone in the woods. Her family, her lover, her home – all burned. The world is suspicious of women like her. But Lux is cunning; she knows how to exploit people’s expectations, how to blend into the background. And she knows a lot about poisons.

Else has not found Lux by accident. She needs her help to seek revenge against the man who wronged her, and together they pursue him north. But on their hunt they will uncover dark secrets that entangle them with dangerous adversaries.


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Over de auteur van Now She is Witch

Kirsty Logan is een professionele dagdromer. Ze is de auteur van twee romans, The Gloaming en The Gracekeepers, en twee verhalenbundels, A Portable Shelter en The Rental Heart & Other Fairytales. Haar vijfde boek, Things We Say in the Dark, verschijnt op Halloween 2019.

Kirsty woont in Glasgow met haar vrouw en hun reddingshond. Ze heeft getatoeëerde tenen.


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