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One Last Stop (UK Special Edition)

One Last Stop (UK Special Edition)

Casey Mcquiston - Engels - Hardback

Moving to New York City is supposed to prove cynical twenty-three-year-old August right: magic and cinematiclove stories don’t exist. But then, she meets this gorgeous girl on the train. Jane.

Dazzling, charming, mysterious, impossible Jane. Jane with her rough edges and swoopy hair and soft smile. August’s subway crush becomes the best part of her day, but pretty soon she discovers there’s one big problem: Jane is displaced in time from the 1970s, and August is going to have to use everything she tried to leave in her own past to help Jane.

Maybe it’s time to start believing in some things, after all.

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Over de auteur van One Last Stop (UK Special Edition)

Casey McQuiston is een Amerikaanse auteur van romantische romans in het genre New adult fiction, vooral bekend van hun New York Times-bestsellerdebuut Red, White & Royal Blue, waarin de zoon van Amerika’s eerste vrouwelijke president verliefd wordt op een prins van Engeland, en tweedejaars boek One Last Stop.

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