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Pacific Tails

Pacific Tails

Michelle Sauer - Engels - Paperback

An unsolved murder of a mermaid queen. A shattered stone pendant cursed and lost. A kingdom’s existence in peril.
All of it, dependent on a college student and gifted swimmer, Zoe Vaughn, who thinks her life is falling apart.
Jealous teammates have accused Zoe of using performance enhancing drugs, sinking her dreams of competing in the Olympics. Now, as their relentless bullying continues, she’s ready to uproot her life in California and move across the country.
But hours before Zoe’s flight, something happens that changes those plans forever. Sparks literally fly between her and Baxter, her mythology professor, who confronts Zoe with the truth that her incredible talent beneath the water has a supernatural explanation.
Baxter declares that Zoe is the living reincarnation of Melantha – Mermaid Queen of the Pacific Ocean – who was betrayed and murdered nearly a century earlier. He also claims to be Melantha’s guardian – an immortal tasked with reuniting five sacred stones that can restore Zoe as the rightful queen before her kingdom is lost forever.
But the time to do that is running out, as there are sinister forces who’ll stop at nothing to prevent the Mermaid Queen’s return. With her life on the line, Zoe must work with Baxter to find all five stones scattered between land and sea and fulfill her destiny – or condemn her mermaid kin to enslavement for all eternity.
Pacific Tails is a new adult, fast-paced urban fantasy adventure that is set in a world where myths intertwine with reality. Ride the wave of a thrilling mystery and quest-based novel, filled with mermaids and other unexpected creatures such as immortals, ghosts, demons, and werewolves. Pacific Tails is a slow-burn romance and a fantasical whodunit that will sure to captivate. It is the first book of a planned duology.


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Over de auteur van Pacific Tails

Michelle Sauer has a Masters of Fine Art in Creative Writing and a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education. By day, she is a Converse-wearing, kinder-8th grade Art Teacher in Colorado. By night, she loves to spend time with her husband and dabble in multiple hobbies such as reading, crafting and fine arts, games (board and video), and driving around in her 1976 Corvette Stingray. She loves dogs and misses her 15 yr-old companion, Hobbes, a 100 lb. German Shepherd. Psych is her favorite series and she often rewatches it every summer break. She has co-written several screenplays and enjoys the Horror genre. Her debut novel, Pacific Tails is based off her love of mysteries, adventure, magic, and growing up in California.

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