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Pisces Drowning

Pisces Drowning

Heather Lee Dyer - Engels - Paperback

The fate of missing Zodiac teens is in my hands. I’ll uncover the truth, even if it burns. Literally. My blue Leo fire powers react to my emotions. I’m still mourning the untimely death of both my parents, I’ve just escaped from kidnappers, and now more teens like me are going missing. And that’s just the beginning. I think it’s safe to say I’m a bit emotional. As the stakes grow higher, I uncover chilling connections to my parent’s mysterious research with Zodiac teens. I must race against time to save the Zodiac teens and prevent a disaster… And learn the truth about my parents’ deaths. My rare blue fire magick has made me a target—but I won’t go down without a fight.


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Over de auteur van Pisces Drowning

HEATHER LEE DYER is the award-winning author of the Recycling Humanity series and Delta Fringe series as well as a poet, a space enthusiast and fangirl of most things YA, Sci-fi, romance, and paranormal.
Addicted to Sci-fi conventions and Pepsi. Book nerd.

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