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Sad Girl Novel

Sad Girl Novel

Pip Finkemeyer - Engels - Paperback

Maybe my main character will slowly lose their mind too. Novels usually need an abandoned woman going crazy in them.

It’s gonna be, like, a sad girl novel. An Australian expat in Berlin, Kim is jobless, rootless, and – as she’s slowly discovering – somewhat useless. That is until a chance encounter with Matthew, a hotshot New York literary agent, gives Kim the direction she’s been craving.

This year she will:* Finally write her novel* Decide what said novel is actually about* Romantically pin down the increasingly flighty Matthew* Be less jealous of sharing attention with best friend Bel’s baby* Convince her therapist that the amount of artichokes she eats doesn’t classify as an eating disorder* Stay sane in the process of achieving the aboveBecause Kim’s story will not become a sad girl novel. Definitely not.


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