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She Is a Haunting

She Is a Haunting

Trang Thanh Tran - Engels - Paperback

A house with a terrifying appetite haunts a broken family in this atmospheric horror, perfect for fans of Mexican Gothic.

When Jade Nguyen arrives in Vietnam for a visit with her estranged father, she has one goal: survive five weeks pretending to be a happy family in the French colonial house Ba is restoring. She’s always lied to fit in, so if she’s straight enough, Vietnamese enough, American enough, she can get out with the college money he promised.

But the house has other plans. Night after night, Jade wakes up paralyzed. The walls exude a thrumming sound, while bugs leave their legs and feelers in places they don’t belong. She finds curious traces of her ancestors in the gardens they once tended. And at night Jade can’t ignore the ghost of the beautiful bride who leaves her cryptic warnings: Don’t eat.

Neither Ba nor her sweet sister Lily believe that there is anything strange happening. With help from a delinquent girl, Jade will prove this house—the home her family has always wanted—will not rest until it destroys them. Maybe, this time, she can keep her family together. As she roots out the house’s rot, she must also face the truth of who she is and who she must become to save them all.


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Over de auteur van She Is a Haunting

Trang Thanh Tran schrijft speculatieve verhalen met grote emoties over eten, erbij horen en de Vietnamese diaspora. Ze groeiden op in een groot gezin in Philadelphia, en lieten vervolgens hun diploma’s in sociologie en volksgezondheid varen om verhalen te vertellen in Georgia. Als ze niet schrijven, zijn ze te veel cafeïne aan het drinken op ijskoffie en kijken ze naar zombiefilms. ZE IS EEN HAUNTING is hun debuutroman.


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