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Simone Breaks All the Rules

Simone Breaks All the Rules

Debbie Rigaud - Engels - Paperback

Late bloomers unite! This fresh and funny #ownvoices novel from rising star Debbie Rigaud is perfect for fans of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Booksmart. Simone Thibodeaux’s life is sealed in a boy-proof container. Her strict Haitian immigrant parents enforce no-dating rules and curfews, and send Simone to an all-girls school.

With senior year coming to a close, Simone makes a decision. She and her fellow late-bloomer friends will create a Bucket List of all the things they haven’t had a chance to do. On the list: kissing a boy, sneaking out of the house, skipping class (gasp!), and, most importantly, choosing your own prom date.

But as the list takes on a life of its own, things get more complicated than Simone expected. She’ll have to discover which rules are worth breaking, and which will save her from heartbreak.


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Over de auteur van Simone Breaks All the Rules

Debbie Rigaud is de co-auteur van Alyssa Milano’s Hope-serie en de auteur van Truly Madly Royally. Ze groeide op in East Orange, New Jersey, en begon haar carrière met schrijven voor entertainment- en tienertijdschriften. Ze woont nu met haar man en kinderen in Columbus, Ohio.

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