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Marie Lu - Engels - Paperback

Praise for the instant New York Times bestseller Skyhunter
“Riveting.” -POPSUGAR
“Action-packed.” –BuzzFeed
“Fresh.” –Los Angeles Times
“Exhilarating…a rollercoaster of a reading experience.” –The Nerd Daily

A Quiet Place meets Attack on Titan in this unputdownable, adrenaline-laced novel.

Strikers are loyal. With unparalleled, deadly fighting skills. With a willingness to do anything-including sacrifice their own lives-to defend Mara, the world’s last free nation.

But to the very people she protects, Talin is seen as an outcast first and a Striker second.

No matter what others think, Talin lets nothing distract her from keeping the evil Federation and its army of haunting, mutant beasts at bay. Until a mysterious prisoner shows up and disrupts Talin’s entire world. Is he a spy? A product of the Federation’s sinister experiments? The clock is ticking for Talin to unravel the prisoner’s secrets and discover whether he’s the weapon that will save-or destroy-them all.

Explore the chilling realities of war and the power of hope in Skyhunter, with slow burn romance and nonstop action that will have you racing to the end.


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Over de auteur van Skyhunter

Marie Lu, is een Chinees-Amerikaans schrijver. Ze is bekend geworden om de Legend-trilogie. Deze boekenserie speelt zich af in een dystopische en gemilitariseerde toekomst.

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