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Stardust in their Veins

Stardust in their Veins

Laura Sebastian - Engels - Paperback

Immerse yourself in the second book the Castles in their Bones series from the New York Times bestselling author of the Ash Princess series.

‘A page-turner that brilliantly blends magic, romance, and adventure’ Booklist

Seduction. Conquest. The Crown.

Princesses Daphne, Beatriz, and Sophronia have trained their entire lives for one purpose: to bring down nations.

Their mother, Empress Margaraux of Bessemia, is determined to rule the continent of Vesteria, and her daughters are her weapons. Promised for marriage since birth, they are her ticket across enemy lines. And also her decoys.

Still, not even Empress Margaraux can control the stars.

Sent to their new kingdoms, orders in hand, the princesses have found their own paths, changing the course of their mother’s plans entirely – and tragically. Sophronia chose love, and for that, she lost her life.

Daphne and Beatriz can hardly believe their sister is dead, but both are determined to avenge her.

And now, separated by a continent – and their mother’s lies – they see more clearly with every passing day that they might not be working toward the same end.

The stars whisper of death, but Daphne and Beatriz are just beginning to understand the true power coursing through their veins. And their mother will do anything to keep them under her thumb – even if it means killing them all.


‘Sebastian weaves the story together with a firm handle on pacing and worldbuilding, placing twists and turns throughout as characters leave their assigned countries’ School Library Journal, on Stardust in their Veins

‘…the worldbuilding is rich, clearly defined, and easy to follow’ Kirkus Reviews, on Stardust in their Veins

‘Made for fans of Victoria Aveyard and Sabaa Tahir’ Bustle, on Ash Princess


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Over de auteur van Stardust in their Veins

Laura Sebastian schrijft YA-boeken en ook de zorg voor andermans kinderen is haar toevertrouwd. Ze schrijft boeken over meisjes die op allerlei manieren sterk zijn, meestal met een flinke dosis magie en een paar draken.

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