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Still Unwritten

Still Unwritten

Caroline Khoury - Engels - Paperback

Forty-eight hours to find her passion. Seven days to find his way back on stage. One chance to take a risk on love. If Fran doesn’t nail this audition for a major TV role, she’s officially done as an actress. She just needs to tap into her inner seductress… who doesn’t seem to exist.

Enter stage Jae-seung.

To Fran, he’s just her landlord’s ridiculously hot nephew, helping her rehearse. To the rest of the world, Jae-seung is lead singer of global sensation, JYNKS – and he’s missing in action.

Together, they embark on an international journey of Fran, to track down her estranged mother and unlock her tightly guarded heart; Jae-seung, to continue (reluctantly) with his tour rehearsals. The chemistry between them is off the charts. But Jae-seung’s life is in South Korea, under strict contracts and constant scrutiny. Would a fling unleash Fran’s passion, or break the heart she’s learning to open?

A fast-paced, forbidden romance for fans of Helen Hoang, Lindsey Kelk and Ali Hazelwood.


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Over de auteur van Still Unwritten

Caroline Khoury heeft nog geen auteursbiografie bij SMP.

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