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Thank You For Sharing

Thank You For Sharing

Rachel Runya Katz - Engels - Paperback

She’s hated him since they were teenagers. He’s missed her just as long. The last time Daniel Rosenberg and Liyah Cohen-Jackson spoke to each other was as teenagers, sharing a first kiss. But when the path of young love didn’t run smooth, and Liyah found her heart bruised by Daniel, they parted ways for ever… until they are seated together on an aeroplane fourteen years later, butting heads just as badly but consoling themselves that at least they will never have to see each other again. That is, until Daniel’s marketing firm gets hired by the museum where Liyah works as a junior curator, and they’re forced to work together on a project that will change both of their careers. With every meeting, the tension (and chemistry) between Daniel and Liyah builds until they’re forced to confront the baggage from their childhood to work together. Despite themselves, their friendship blooms once again, each of them finding comfort in their shared experience as Jews of Colour. And as they try and fail to ignore their growing feelings for one another, Liyah must face the fears that she’s been running from her whole adult life and open her heart to love.


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Over de auteur van Thank You For Sharing

Rachel Runya Katz is a contemporary romance writer from the Pacific Northwest. She lives with her partner, their cat, and far too many houseplants.

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