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The Comeback

The Comeback

Lily Chu - Engels - Paperback

Who is Ariadne Hui?

• Laser-focused lawyer diligently climbing the corporate ladder
• The “perfect” daughter living out her father’s dream
• Shocking love interest of South Korea’s hottest star

Ariadne Hui thrives on routine. So what if everything in her life is planned down to the minute: That’s the way she likes it. If she’s going to make partner in Toronto’s most prestigious law firm, she needs to stay focused at all times.

But when she comes home after yet another soul-sucking day to find an unfamiliar, gorgeous man camped out in her living room, focus is the last thing on her mind. Especially when her roommate explains this is Choi Jihoon, her cousin freshly arrived from Seoul to mend a broken heart. He just needs a few weeks to rest and heal; Ari will barely even know he’s there. (Yeah, right.)

Jihoon is kindness and chaos personified, and it isn’t long before she’s falling, hard. But when one wrong step leads to a world-shaking truth, Ari finds herself thrust onto the world stage: not as the competent, steely lawyer she’s fought so hard to become, but as the mystery woman on the arm of a man the entire world claims to know. Now with her heart, her future, and her sense of self on the line, Ari will have to cut through all the pretty lies to find the truth of her relationship…and discover the Ariadne Hui she’s finally ready to be.


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Over de auteur van The Comeback

Lily Chu houdt ervan om de op een na goedkoopste wijn te bestellen, altijd parfum op te hebben en veel te laat op te blijven met een goed boek. Ze schrijft romantische komedies die zich afspelen in Toronto met sterke Aziatische karakters.

The Stand-In is haar debuutromcom. Het audioboek, uitgebracht via Audible, wordt uitgevoerd door Phillipa Soo. Het stond meerdere weken op nummer één in Audible Top Plus Listens in de categorieën All en Romance, en werd door Audible uitgeroepen tot een van de beste van 2021. In gedrukte vorm werd The Stand-In uitgeroepen tot Target’s Book Club Pick voor mei.

Extra details: The Comeback

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