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The Crimson Fortress

The Crimson Fortress

Akshaya Raman - Engels - Hardback

In this thrilling, action-packed sequel and conclusion to the critically acclaimed Ivory Key duology, royal siblings Vira, Ronak, Kaleb, and Riya battle vengeful enemies, centuries-old mysteries, and their own personal demons in order to save their country from ruin.

The search for the Ivory Key has brought royal siblings Vira, Ronak, Kaleb, and Riya closer than they have been in years as they try to restore magic and stability to Ashoka. But despite finally getting their hands on the long-lost key, uncovering its cipher has proved more complicated and dangerous than they ever expected.

Their missions force them to split up and disperse them across Ashoka and beyond. When a rash decision by the council strips Vira of her power, her journey to reclaim her throne takes on new meaning. Kaleb travels to the neighboring country of Lyria to uncover its emperor’s motives and meets a prince seeking answers of his own. Ronak’s efforts to escape his arranged marriage and exonerate his brother lead to a series of risky deals that only bring him closer to what he’s running from. And Riya’s newfound power has turned unpredictable, but her search for answers only raises more questions.

When their attempts at decoding the key release an ancient power, the siblings must align to face the past and save their future once and for all. In a quest that culminates in a deadly labyrinth, there’s only one way they will succeed: together.


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Over de auteur van The Crimson Fortress

Akshaya Raman werd verliefd op schrijven toen ze op tienjarige leeftijd haar eerste verhaal schreef. Hoewel ze afstudeerde aan UC Davis met een graad in biologie, gaf ze het nastreven van een carrière in de wetenschap op om boeken te schrijven. Ze is mede-oprichter en medewerker van Writer’s Block Party, een groepsblog over schrijven en publiceren, en heeft in de planningsteams van verschillende boekenfestivals gediend. Ze woont in de Bay Area met een echte bange kat, en in haar vrije tijd houdt ze van bakken, reizen en te veel reality-tv kijken.

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