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The Dance Deception

The Dance Deception

Becky Ward - Engels - Paperback

Kate Wareing is astonished when she secures a place in a televised dance competition. Especially as it means she’ll be paired with a professional dancer to compete for a life-changing cash prize.

When she’s matched with gorgeous French dancer Merle it quickly becomes clear that he’s just as keen to work on their chemistry as their routine.

But when the competition is rocked by a scandal, Kate’s forced to switch to a new partner, Aleksis , who is just as devastatingly attractive as Merle – but seems to hate her.

With the odds stacked against them, Kate and Aleksis embark on a showmance to try and win over the public. But what happens when Kate’s feelings for her fake boyfriend become all too real? And how far will Merle go to sabotage her chances – both in the competition and in love?


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