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The Darkness Within Us (US Limited Edition)

The Darkness Within Us (US Limited Edition)

Tricia Levenseller - Engels - Hardback

Featuring spray-painted and stenciled edges, a metallic foil case stamp, detailed map endpapers, a deleted scene and a ribbon, The Darkness Between Us is a wickedly delightful companion novel to Tricia Levenseller’s The Shadows Between Us.

Chrysantha Stathos has won.

By hiding her intelligence and ambition behind the mask of a beautiful air-headed girl, she has gathered important secrets, earned her father’s constant care, and become a wealthy duchess—all by age nineteen. Now, she is only one elderly, dying duke away from having all the freedom, money, and safety she’s ever wanted.

Or so she thought.

Turns out her little sister somehow snatched the true victory away from her: Alessandra is wedding the Shadow King, the most powerful man in the world. Meanwhile, after the death of Chrysantha’s no-good, lecherous husband, a man claiming to be the duke’s estranged grandson turns up to inherit everything that should be hers.

Chrysantha is enraged. There is no way that she’s going to let some man take everything from her. Never mind that he’s extremely handsome and secretive and alluring with mysterious powers… No, Chrysantha wants Eryx Demos dead, and in the end, a Stathos girl always gets what she wants.


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Over de auteur van The Darkness Within Us (US Limited Edition)

Oorspronkelijk afkomstig uit een klein stadje in Oregon, woont Tricia nu naast de Rocky Mountains met haar bazige hond Rosy. Ze behaalde haar diploma Engelse taal en redactie en is heel blij dat ze nooit meer een leerboek hoeft te lezen.

Extra details: The Darkness Within Us (US Limited Edition)

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