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The Day Tripper

The Day Tripper

James Goodhand - Engels - Hardback

The right guy, the right place, the wrong time. It’s 1995, and Alex Dean has it all: a spot at Cambridge University next year, the love of the beautiful and vivacious Holly, and all the time in the world ahead of him. That is until a run-in with a former childhood bully sees him bruised and bloody and almost drowning in the Thames.

He awakes the next day only to find he’s in a messy, derelict room he’s never seen before, in grimy clothes he doesn’t recognize, with no idea of how he got there. A glimpse in the mirror tells him he’s older-much older-and has been living a hard life, his features ravaged by time and poor decisions. He snatches a newspaper and finds it’s 2010-fifteen years since that night by the river.

After finally drifting off to sleep that night, Alex wakes the following morning to find it’s now 2019, another nine years later. But the next day, it’s 1999. Never knowing which day is coming, he begins to piece together what happens in his life after that fateful night by the river.

But what exactly is going on? Why does his life look nothing like he thought it would? What happened to Cambridge, to Holly? Alex must push against the heavy headwind of fate, however impossible that might feel, and learn that small actions have untold impact. It might be all he needs to save the people he loves and, equally importantly, himself.


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Over de auteur van The Day Tripper

De Britse schrijver James Goodhand is niet alleen schrijver, maar ook automonteur (overdag) en musicus (pianist). Als hij tijd over heeft schrijft hij voor jongeren (young adult novels).
Hij woont met zijn vrouw en zoontje in het Engelse graafschap Surrey.

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