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Piper C.J. - Engels - Paperback

Verschijningsdatum: 07-05-2024

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The deities you call aren’t always the ones who answer. Marlow needs to believe she’s crazy. The alternative would mean embracing the gift―or curse―shared by her mother and she can see angels and demons, including a dark and haunting entity who’s been with Marlow her entire life. At least, she believes that’s all he is until a fae from the Nordic pantheon strolls into her life and informs her that she’s been sharing a bed with the Prince of Hell. A Prince who’s now gone missing. Before she knows it, Marlow is deeply entangled in a centuries-old war, stumbling straight into a battleground between mighty beings of myth and legend from powerful pantheons around the world. And who will come out on top may just depend on her and the love she never dared to believe in.

Let op: dit boek wordt geïmporteerd uit de Verenigde Staten. Het kan daardoor tot 1-2 weken na release duren voor we het boek in huis hebben.


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Over de auteur van The Deer and the Dragon (US Limited Edition)

Fantasy author with an M.A. in Folklore, who loves to take pictures, eat french fries, and live my life as an all-around creative forest nymph! I’m so excited to bring you with me on my journey as I step out of our everyday lives and into the new fantasy world within The Night and Its Moon fantasy series!

I wrote these books for an audience of one, and that audience was me. I wanted to see bi representation, love, mental health struggles, religious trauma, and overcoming the of obstacles that I needed to be modeled in my own life. At the end of the day I’m so proud of myself for creating the series that I’d always hoped I could read, and I hope someone is able to connect with them in a way that I have. – Piper C.J.

Extra details: The Deer and the Dragon (US Limited Edition)

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