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The Devil Makes Three

The Devil Makes Three

Tori Bovalino - Engels - Paperback

When Tess and Eliot stumble upon an ancient book hidden in a secret tunnel beneath their school library, they accidentally release a devil from his book-bound prison, and he’ll stop at nothing to stay free. He’ll manipulate all the ink in the library books to do his bidding, he’ll murder in the stacks, and he’ll bleed into every inch of Tess’s life until his freedom is permanent. Forced to work together, Tess and Eliot have to find a way to re-trap the devil before he kills everyone they know and love, including, increasingly, each other.

And compared to what the devil has in store for them, school stress suddenly doesn’t seem so bad after all. This is a fast-paced YA crossover/gothic horror debut, with a strong romance and an eerie, page-turning plot that will make this a great choice for fans of VE Schwab and Library of the Unwritten by AJ Hackwith. The book is the perfect blend of dark humor, supernatural suspense, and rich, compelling characters.


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Over de auteur van The Devil Makes Three

Tori Bovalino komt oorspronkelijk uit Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania en woont in Londen. Ze heeft een BA in Engels en antropologie van de University of Pittsburgh en een MA in creatief schrijven van Royal Holloway, University of London. Ze promoveert in het Engels. Haar debuutroman, The Devil Makes Three, verschijnt bij Page Street (VS)/Titan Books (VK). Tori wordt vertegenwoordigd door Dr. Uwe Stender en Amelia Appel bij TriadaUS Literary Agency.

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