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The Isles of the Gods

The Isles of the Gods

Amie Kaufman - Engels - Hardback

When Selly’s father leaves her high and dry in the port of Kirkpool, she has no intention of riding out the winter on land while he sails to adventure in the north seas. But any plans to follow him are dashed when a handsome stranger with tell-tale magician’s marks on his arm boards her ship, presenting her and the crew with a dangerous mission: to cross the Crescent Sea without detection so he can complete a ritual on the sacred Isles of the Gods. What starts as a leisure cruise will lead to acts of treason and sheer terror on the high seas, bringing two countries to the brink of war, two strangers closer than they ever thought possible and stirring two dangerous gods from centuries of slumber…

Magic, romance, and slumbering gods clash in the start of a riveting fantasy series that spans gangsters’ dens, forgotten temples, and the high seas from the New York Times bestselling author of the Aurora Cycle.


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Over de auteur van The Isles of the Gods

Amie Kaufman is een New York Times en internationaal bestsellerauteur van fictie voor jonge volwassenen. Haar meermaals bekroonde werk staat gepland voor publicatie in meer dan 30 landen en is in ontwikkeling voor film en tv. Amie groeide op in Australië en af ​​en toe in Ierland en heeft diploma’s in geschiedenis, literatuur, recht en conflictoplossing. Ze woont in Melbourne met haar man en dochter, hun reddingshond en een extreem grote persoonlijke bibliotheek. Ze is de presentator van de podcasts Amie Kaufman on Writing en Pub Dates.

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