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The Stone Circle Queen

The Stone Circle Queen

Ophelia Wells Langley - Engels - Paperback

“You need something more. And for that, I need something from you.”

When you’re queen, what you want and what you get are two different things.

On the run from the High King, Sorcha is offered the Earth Fae throne and the chance to find justice for both her peoples. She’s determined to save her kingdom and bring peace to a country torn apart by war and prejudice. She knows her battle has only begun for no Fae wants a human-born queen on the throne.

When she loses her heart’s desire, only a bargain with a Goddess will help her find him again. As with all things magical, however, there’s always a price.

Can Sorcha pay it and still save her kingdom? Or must she sacrifice her kingdom, in order to save her happily ever after?

If you love fae stories and plot twists that keep you guessing, you will not want to miss this high-fae Arthurian and Sleeping Beauty reimagining with a strong female main character, fated mates, and forbidden love.


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Over de auteur van The Stone Circle Queen

Ophelia Wells Langley is a mother to two boys. A mild obsession with Celtic mythology, a strong taste for fantasy, and a penchant for escapism were the basis for her formative years as a writer.
Her goal is simple: create character-driven stories that are inclusive and diverse. She creates lush fantasy worlds that satiate our need for escape from reality.
When she’s not writing, plotting, or scheming about her characters, you can find her embracing her theatrical side for her toddlers as a tyrannosaurus rex

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