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The Storyteller

The Storyteller

Kathryn Williams - Engels - Paperback

This story follows a teenage girl’s quest to uncover the truth behind her secretive great aunt Anna, who just might be the long lost Russian princess Anastasia.

It’s not every day you discover you might be related to Anastasia…or that the tragic princess actually survived her assassination attempt and has been living as the woman you know as Aunt Anna.

For Jess Morgan, who is growing tired of living her life to please everyone else, discovering her late aunt’s diaries shows her she’s not the only one struggling to hide who she really is. But was her aunt truly a Romanov princess? Or is this some elaborate hoax?

With the help of a supremely dorky, but undeniably cute, local college student named Evan, Jess digs into the century-old mystery.

But soon Jess realizes there’s another, bigger truth waiting to be revealed: Jess Morgan. Because if she’s learned anything from Aunt Anna, it’s that only you can write your own story.


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Over de auteur van The Storyteller

Kathryn Williams is the author of four young adult novels, a handful of bestselling Disney junior novelizations, and a humorous guide to living with roommates.

Originally from the South, she now lives with her family in Portland, Maine, where she finds inspiration in the woods, by the water, in antique stores full of old stuff, and at The Telling Room, a nonprofit creative writing center where she helps kids and teens write and publish their own stories.

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