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The Summer She Went Missing

The Summer She Went Missing

Chelsea Ichaso - Engels - Paperback

Last summer, they searched for Audrey Covington. This summer, they’ll search for the truth. Paige Redmond has always felt lucky to spend her summers in Clearwater Ridge, with lazy days sunning at the waterfalls and nights partying at the sprawling houses of the rich families who vacation there. The Covingtons are one of these families, and beautiful, brilliant Audrey Covington is Paige’s best friend. And last year, when Audrey’s crush-worthy brother Dylan finally started noticing Paige, she was sure it would be the best summer ever. Except Audrey didn’t seem quite like herself. Then one night, she didn’t come home. Though Audrey wasn’t the first girl to disappear in Clearwater Ridge, she left behind more lies than clues. Now, one summer later, her case has gone cold, and nobody, least of all Paige, can make sense of what happened. When Paige stumbles across a secret hidden in Audrey’s room, however, it changes everything she thought she knew about last summer. She and Dylan set out on their own investigation, discovering things even the police don’t know about the people of Clearwater Ridge. But tracking down missing girls―girls who might be beyond saving by now―means entering a world far darker than Paige has ever imagined. And if she isn’t careful, she’ll become the next girl to vanish.


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Over de auteur van The Summer She Went Missing

Chelsea Ichaso schrijft bochtige thrillers voor jongvolwassenen, waaronder LITTLE CREEPING THINGS (Sourcebooks Fire, 2020), DEAD GIRLS CAN’T TELL SECRETS (Sourcebooks Fire, 2022) en THEY’RE WATCHING YOU (Sourcebooks Fire, 2023). Ze is een voormalige lerares Engels op de middelbare school en woont momenteel in Zuid-Californië met haar man en kinderen. Als ze niet leest of schrijft, is Chelsea te vinden op het voetbalveld.


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