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The Suspicions of Mr Whisker

The Suspicions of Mr Whisker

mandy morton - Engels - Paperback

Hettie Bagshot and Tilly Jenkins are hired to investigate a spate of mysterious deaths at Mr Whisker’s Academy for Wayward Cats. Before Tilly even opens her notebook, the hockey mistress is brutally murdered on the playing field. Faced with an increasing body count, our feline detectives sharpen their claws and set out to catch a serial killer.

Did Pomadora Moseley really murder her family on the rollercoaster at Butlins? Is Clara Toddlebury’s Country Dance Class under threat? And why does Mr Whisker lock himself in his headmaster’s study?Join Hettie and Tilly as they chalk up another case, revealing a school full of scandal, a dormitory of death and the latest Butters’ pie filling.


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Over de auteur van The Suspicions of Mr Whisker

Mandy Morton began her professional life as a musician. Her songwriting formed the basis of six albums during the 1970s and early 1980s, when she toured extensively with her band. More recently, she has worked as a freelance arts journalist for national and local radio, specialising in making music and theatre documentary. She is the co-author of a non-fiction theatre book, In Good Company, and lives with her partner in Cambridge and Cornwall, where there is always a place for an ageing long-haired tabby cat. The No. 2 Feline Detective Agency is her first novel, and begins a series of books inspired by her first cat, Hettie.

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