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The Wedding of the Year

The Wedding of the Year

Jill Mansell - Engels - Hardback

Love, friendship and secrets revealed as the sun beats down on dazzling blue Cornish seas . . .

It’s set to be a perfect day – until the chauffeur is asked to keep driving the bride around the church. This wedding definitely isn’t going as planned.

Lottie is a guest at the wedding when she sees Max. No kiss has ever matched the last one they shared fifteen years ago. They were on the brink of a beautiful love story, until a shocking event tore them apart. Now here he is, still ridiculously good-looking, teasing Lottie in the old way – and that overwhelming electric attraction is back. But Max is way out of bounds.

Isla owes Cameron everything. But she doesn’t love him. Which is a shame, because they’re about to be married.

Ruby has been the perfect wife. When she discovers the truth about her husband, her response is reckless and delicious. But after that, nothing will ever be the same again.


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Over de auteur van The Wedding of the Year

Jill Mansell is een Brits schrijfster van chick literature. Haar boek Geluk in het spel bereikte in oktober 2004 nummer 1 van de Nederlandse boekenverkoop.

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