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The Woods Are Waiting

The Woods Are Waiting

Katherine Greene - Engels - Hardback

In the tradition of Lisa Jewell and Ruth Ware, Katherine Greene’s debut thriller is a dark descent into the sinister traditions and customs of a small town in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Yet no superstition will prepare childhood friends Cheyenne and Natalie for the macabre truth that awaits them.

Cheyenne Ashby knows the dark and disturbing history of her hometown of Blue Cliff, Virginia, all too well. It’s why she left. Growing up deep within the woods with her eccentric mother, Constance, she was raised on the unusual customs and generational superstitions linked to the local legend of an evil entity that haunts the forest.

Five years ago, the bodies of three children were found in the woods. It was a man—not a mythical beast—named Jasper Clinton who was convicted of these heinous crimes. For five years the town breathed just a bit easier with a real-life monster behind bars.

But when another child goes missing, Cheyenne and Natalie are determined to discover the truth and uncover the town’s dangerous secrets rooted in its terrifying past.

The two women must confront the reality of the superstitions they always believed in and their town’s complicated connection with who—or what—lives in the woods.


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Over de auteur van The Woods Are Waiting

Katherine Greene is het pseudoniem van twee vrienden, de een uit Amerika en de ander uit Engeland, die hun tanden bijten in huiveringwekkende thrillers en ware misdaad. Ze werden bij elkaar gebracht door hun liefde voor duistere, verwrongen verhalen met sterke vrouwenstemmen. Beiden wonen momenteel met hun gezin in het Verenigd Koninkrijk.

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