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They Hate Each Other

They Hate Each Other

Amanda Woody - Engels - Hardback

Jonah and Dylan get along like oil and water. Until a fake dating ploy gives them new perspective, and they realize that “falling for your enemy” isn’t as impossible as it seems.

There are plenty of words Jonah Collins could use to describe Dylan Ramírez. “Arrogant,” “spoiled,” and “golden boy” to name a few. Likewise, Dylan thinks he has Jonah accurately labeled as an attention-seeking asshat who never shuts his filthy mouth. Their friends are convinced Jonah’s and Dylan’s disdain for one another is just thinly veiled lust—a rumor that surges like wildfire when the two wake up in one bed after homecoming. Mutually horrified, Dylan and Jonah agree to use the faux pas to their advantage by fake dating. If they can stay convincing long enough to end their “relationship” in a massive staged fight, they can prove their incompatibility to their friends once and for all. But the more time they spend together, the more their plan begins to fall apart—and the closer they come to seeing each other clearly for the first time.


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Over de auteur van They Hate Each Other

Amanda Woody is a queer nonbinary author based in metro-Detroit and represented by New Leaf Literary. Some of their book weaknesses include:

Uncontrollable magic
Boys who fall in love
Girls with swords
Snarky banter
Eyes that glow
Chaotic queers
Dorks to lovers
Pirates and thieves

When not writing, Amanda is probably playing their PS4, devouring fantasy books and romcoms, and drinking wine with their parents.

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