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This Spells Disaster

This Spells Disaster

Tori Anne Martin - Engels - Paperback

When ‘messy witch’ Morgan Greenwood drunkenly offers to fake date her dream woman Rory Sandler during the New England Witches’ festival, she’s sure she was hexed at birth. And things go from bad to complicated when Rory accepts.

But although they’re ‘pretending’ to be a couple, their undeniable chemistry soon starts to feel like the real deal -until Morgan realizes she may have broken one of the most sacred Witch Council Laws, and accidentally given Rory a love potion. If this is true, she’ll have to prove how incompatible she and Rory are to break the potion – and her heart in the process.

Morgan is no stranger to a disaster, so ruining their relationship should be easy.

Is Rory destined to be Morgan’s latest screw-up?
Or could the magic between them be real?


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Over de auteur van This Spells Disaster

Tori Anne Martin lives in New England where she collects pen names, tattoos, and hoodies in shades of gray and black. Previously, she collected degrees, including a doctorate in psychology where she studied interpersonal power, consent, and sexual assault. She much prefers writing romance. If you can’t find her online, it’s because she’s lost in the woods. Send help.

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