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Unleashing Chaos

Unleashing Chaos

Crystal J. Johnson - Engels - Paperback

Desideria is looking for true love…
When your father, the king of demons, tells you to find an eternal partner in ninety days, you do it―because the alternative is worse.

Jace’s heart is shattered and guarded…
All I asked for was a quiet roommate to help with the bills instead I got a sassy demon princess.

Cannon wants everyone to be happy, but …
Sure, I want to help my friends, but I’ve got ambitions too.

Infernis help them.

A visit to the human realm is Desi’s last-ditch effort to find the partner of her dreams―she wants to marry for love―but with only three months to fall head over heels and take someone home to her chaotic family in Infernis, it seems impossible.

When every date Desi goes on ends in disaster, she enlists the help of her two handsome roommates. While one is friendly and fun, willing to help in any way he can, the other is stern and impenetrable, resolute in his theory that everlasting love isn’t possible. But as much as she’d like to deny it, Desideria is an agent of chaos, and she quickly starts knocking down walls and crossing boundaries–in every aspect of her romantic life..

Maybe it was kismet that landed Desi in Denver, but the choice she and her new friends have to make will define not only their futures, but that of an entire realm.


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Over de auteur van Unleashing Chaos

Crystal J. Johnson lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, son, and a multitude of rescued animals. She is the author of the Affliction Trilogy, a winner of the 2019 Fiction Awards on Wattpad. Currently, she is working on a new adult fantasy, The Crown Trilogy.

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